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Plant Department


Call Our Plant Department before you do any extensive digging or construction on your property or public lands. We will help in avoiding the chance of cutting telephone lines or fiber cable before you dig. Also please call (800) 344-8377 or visit DigTess to avoid any legal action that may be taken upon you if you dig without prior notice. It is for the protection of our services and for the protection of your well being to notify the proper authority.


Customers that are moving into our area will need to give an accurrate physical location of the premises they are moving into. This helps when checking our records and maps to see if the location has had previous service. If the location is brand new and needs to be drawn onto our maps, we will then have the accurate location on the service order.

"E-911 Addressing"

You will also need to call Golden Crescent Planning Commission to be assigned an E-911 address at (361) 587-1587 if in the Jackson County Area. If in the Calhoun County area, call Calhoun County E-911 office at (361) 552-5455.